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Case Study | Team Management & Streaming Promotion | Alissa Griffith | Playmore Promotion


This is just one example of the A -List level of team members The Launch Pad can and will retain to

work for you, based on industry relationships that only be fostered from years of experience,

credibility and track record of performance.


  • Amplify streaming presence to create industry demand and expand her professional options.


  • Secured Spotify's coveted playlist "New Boots" (over 630,00 followers) in the first month of promotion.

  • Consumption on "New Boots" led to an add another in-house-curated Spotify playlist "Wild Country" (over 770,000 followers).


  • Garnered more than two million total streams on the debut single "Glasses", launching Alissa from an unknown artist to a current bidding war of distribution companies prepared to finance a national country radio campaign. Costs of hiring a credible national staff can run up to $30,000 per month.

Case Study | Team Management & Project Management | Tanner Louis | Rise Music Group



  • An executive is only as good as his support team. Through the counsel of business co-pilot Chris Weinberg of Well Coached Consulting (whose client roster includes Creative Nation, SMACK Songs, TriStar Entertainment), Clay recuited one such indispensable team member.


Tanner Louis.

• Clay spent three years mentoring one of the hardest working team members he has found in his career.


• Clay groomed and mentored Tanner on all aspects of the business, and Tanner started his own Rise Music Group in 2019.

• Tanner is available to Driver's Seat clients as a Project Manager.

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